Biographical Database of Australia


This page provides an Index to the Source Records included in BDA with links to pages containing more detailed information, including detailed location references to the source records.

Sources Index

Biographies : Published

Birth-Death-Marriages (non Church Registers)


Church Registers

Colonial Secretary NSW

Convict Indents & Ship Musters

Convict Records

Court Records

Editor Submissions *

First Fleet

Indexes and Lists

Land Records


Musters & Census


Norfolk Island




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Victualling Lists


Editorial Comments

Other categories will be added to this Index as datasets are added to BDA.

* The above categories with an asterisk after them do not yet have anything on-line.

The table below is an aid to help you find the correct Sources Index page for your enquiry

Absconded Convictssee Convict Records
Apprehended Convictssee Convict Records
Arrivalssee Passengers
see Convict Indents
Australiasee Biographies - Published
Baptismssee Church Registers
Biographiessee Biographies – Published
Birthssee Church Registers
see Birth-Death-Marriage
Burialssee Church Registers
see Cemeteries
Cemeteriessee Cemeteries
Censussee Musters & Census
Certificates of Freedomsee Convict Records
Clergysee Indexes & Lists
Convictssee Convict Indents
see First Fleet
see Tickets of Leave Index
Convicts' Wivessee Convict Records
Cyclopediassee Biographies – Published
Deathssee Cemeteries
see Church Registers
see Musters & Census – Deaths
see Birth-Death-Marriage
Departuressee Passengers
Free Passengerssee Passengers
see First Fleet
Immigrantssee Passengers
see Convict Indents
Inquestssee Court Records
Landsee Musters & Census
see Land Records
Land Grantssee Land Records
Letterssee Colonial Secretary NSW
Marriagessee Church Registers
Militarysee Biographies - Published
see Military
Monumental Inscriptionssee Cemeteries
New South Walessee Biographies – Published
see Cemeteries
see Church Registers
see Colonial Secretary NSW
see Convict Indents
see Convict Records
see Court Records
see First Fleet
see Indexes & Lists
see Military
see Musters & Census
see Passengers
see Tickets of Leave
see Victualling Lists
Norfolk Islandsee Musters & Census
see Victualling Lists
Northern Territorysee Biographies - Published
Orphanssee Schools
Pardonssee Convict Records
Queenslandsee Biographies – Published
See Queensland
Railway Passessee Indexes & Lists
Regimentssee Military
Schoolssee Schools
South Australiasee Biographies – Published
Tasmaniasee Biographies - Published
see Musters & Census
see Victualling Lists
Tickets of Leavesee Convict Records
Unclaimed Letterssee Indexes & Lists
University Listssee Indexes & Lists
Victoriasee Biographies - Published
Western Australia see Biographies - Published