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Material transcribed by volunteers may contain errors. Every effort is made to check the work of transcribers but BDA is not responsible for any errors that may appear in the transcripts or the original documents. As a rule the content of a document is transcribed as it appears, even if the original document contains an error such as a mistaken spelling of a person’s name. Where possible this is noted in an editorial comment within square brackets. BDA editors use both manual and automated methods to link records forming a Biographical Report. Every effort is made to check the work of editors but BDA is not responsible for occasional incorrect links. Owing to time and resource restraints links are sometimes made without an editorial comment. The same individual’s name may be spelt different ways in different records. A source reference is provided for each transcribed item which subscribers may use to check the original source to confirm the accuracy of the transcribed data and the links made. BDA welcomes suggestions for corrections to transcripts and existing links, editorial comments and new links.   



Biographical Database of Australia (BDA) needs to use your email address, postal address and password to allow you to access the site and requires your credit card details for the purpose of processing your subscription payment or for book purchases. Your credit card details are not retained and any other personal details will never be shared with any third party and are stored in a secure format designed to prevent unauthorised use. Only authorised BDA staff are allowed access to these details.   

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