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Australian Biographical & Genealogical Record – Biographical Detail Forms

Clergy List Aus & NZ 1878

University Graduates 1856-1900

Railway Passes NSW 1880-1982

Unclaimed Letters NSW 1836-1852

Stamp Sellers NSW 1862-1875

Bonds to the NSW Naval Office 1810-1819
Orphan Irish Girls Employment 1849-1852 NSW
Unemployed NSW 1860 & 1884



* these items are not included in database as yet




BDA has been given permission by copyright holders to add many indexes into our Database. These include a wide diversity of records from Unclaimed Letters 1836-1852 to Sydney Football Index 1852-1896.

Whilst many of these are only Indexes with limited detail, they will be added to BDA and hopefully linked to form part of a person’s Biographical Report and so assist users to find other references to an individual of interest, which the user may not otherwise find.

We welcome the donation of any appropriate index which users may have compiled.


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This general information page has been compiled by Malcolm Sainty, September 2013.

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