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Terms and conditions for responsible use of data on the BDA website

Subscribers and others are advised that data on the Biographical Database of Australia (BDAL Inc) website should be used for personal and research purposes only.

Most of the data included on this website has been transcribed and edited by teams of volunteers. BDAL Inc claims copyright to some of the actual data in the BDA and also claims copyright on the layout and format of the Biographies. 

Individual items from a Biographical Report may be reproduced or reconfigured by a BDA subscriber only, and only for purposes of their own personal genealogical, historical or academic research, for citation or for adding data to their own online family history website, and should be acknowledged thus:

This item has been copied from a Biographical Report produced by the Biographical Database of Australia and is reproduced here with their permission:

Anyone wishing to reproduce any material on this website material must first contact BDA.

The Biographical Database of Australia (BDAL Inc) holds exclusive copyright in the Biographical Reports which may not be transmitted in full by any means to another person and may not be reproduced without permission on another website or republished in any other form.

No subscriber to this website or any other party should use or systematically extract material from index entries, Biographical Reports, source descriptions or information pages on this website to create other biographical, genealogical, historical or similar databases or indexes, whether on a commercial or non-profit basis. If any subscriber is found by Biographical Database of Australia to have violated the terms and conditions described on this page their subscription will be terminated immediately and that subscriber may be subject to legal action. Any unused balance of the cancelled subscription will not be refunded. Biographical Database of Australia reserves the right to decline subscriptions.

Library subscribers and genealogical and historical society subscribers are also bound by the above terms and must also abide by any specific additional conditions specified at the time of subscription, which may include limiting BDA access to library users within the library only and not via external electronic access as an e-Resource.