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Adams, David (ed), The Letters of Rachel Henning, paperback, illus. with pen drawings by Norman Lindsay, 1979 reprint, 315pps, $15

Adams, David (ed), The Letters of Rachel Henning, hardback, illus with contemporary paintings and water colours, 1986 reprint, 344pps, $35

Alexander, Joseph A., Who’s Who in Australia 1944, 1944, hardback, 906pps, $40

Alexander, Joseph A., Who’s Who in Australia 1950, 1950, hardback, 816pps, $36

Blainey, Geoffrey, A Shorter History of Australia, 2000 reprint, 273pps, paperback, $28

Birmingham, Judy, Ian Jack & Dennis Jeans, Industrial Archaeology in Australia: Rural industry, 1983, hardback, illus., 192pps, $42

Brash, R., Permanent Addresses: Australians Downunder, 1987, paperback, illus., interesting monumental inscriptions, 344pps, $20

Cameron, Ian, Lost Paradise: the exploration of the Pacific, hardback, illus., 1987, 248pps, $40

Carthew, Noel, Voices from the Trenches: Letters to Home, 2002, paperback, illus., 240pps, $25

Chisholm, Alec H., Who’s Who in Australia 1947, 1947, hardback, 926pps, $40

Colwell, Max, Whaling Around Australia, 1969, hardback, illus., 190pps, $28

Day, David, Great Betrayal: Britain, Australia and the onset of the Pacific war 1839-1942, hardback, illus., 1988, 398pps, $32

Deutsher, Keith M., The Breweries of Australia, hardback, illus., 1999, 384pps, $45

Durack, Mary, To Be Heirs Forever, 1976, hardback, ex-library copy, endpapers damaged, 286pps, $16

Halligan, Marion, Out of the Picture, 1996, essays, paperback, illus., 132pps, $18

Hibbins, Fahey, Askew, A Handbook of Local History for Enthusiasts, 1988 third impression, paperback, illus., 162pps, $16

Keneally, Thomas, Australians from Eureka to the diggers, 2011, hardback, illus., signed by author, 464pps, $45

Keneally, Thomas, Australians origins to Eureka, 2010, paperback, illus., 638pps, $40

Kingston, Beverley, Oxford History of Australia, Vol 3, 1860-1900: Glad, and Competent Morning, 2001 reprint of 1988, paperback, illus., 382pps, $35

Knox, Errol G., Who’s Who in Australia, 1933-34, 1933, hardback, 348pps, $38

MacIntyre, Stuart, Oxford History of Australia, Vol 4, 1901-1942: The Succeeding Age, 1986, hardback, illus., 432pps, $36

McHugh, Evan, Shipwrecks: Australia’s Greatest Maritime Disasters, 2003, paperback, illus., 352pps, $26

McLaren, Glen, Big Mobs: the story of Australia’s cattlemen, paperback, illus., 2000, ex-library copy, 392pps, $28

Millar, Ann, The Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate, Vol 2, 1929-1962, hardback, illus., 616pps, $48

Mitchell, David (ed.), This is Your Life: True Stories of Great Australians, 1998, paperback, illus., ex-library publication, 288pps, $25

O’Farrell, Patrick, Letters from Irish Australia 1825-1925, 1989 reprint, paperback, illus., 252pps, $36

O’Farrell, Patrick, The Irish in Australia, 1987 reprint edition, ex-library copy, paperback, illus., 370pps, $36

O’Shaunessy, Peter, Graeme Inson & Russel Ward, The Restless Years: Impressions of the Origin of the Australian, 1968, hardback, large format in slip case, many illus., 144pps, $38

Roberts, Alan (ed), Writing Aboriginal History: proceedings of the Federation of Australian Historical societies conference, Canberra, 1988, paperback, 1991, 44pps, $12

Smith, Bernard, Australian Painting 1788-1970, hardback, illus., 1974 reprint, 494pps, $40

Stone, Barry, Great Australian Historic Hotels, 2010, paperback, illus., 260pps, $30

Walsh, Richard, Great Australian Eulogies, paperback, 2008, 215pps, $18

Ward, Russel, Australia Since the Coming of Man, hardback, illus., 1982 revised edition, 254pps, $36

Who’s Who in Australia, 2011 47th edition, hardback, ex-library copy, 2316pps, $32

Yarwood, A.T., Walers: Australian Horses Abroad, 1999, hardback, illus., 250pps, $38


Hillier, R.S., This Norfolk Island, hardback, illus., 3rd edition 1973, 44pps, $24

Hoare, Merval (ed.), Elizabeth Robertson’s Diary: Norfolk Island 1845, 2008 reprint of 1988 first edition, paperback, illus., 64pps, $20

Smith, Nan, Convict Kingston [Norfolk Island]: A guide, 1997, paperback, illus., 128pps, $22


Andrews, Graeme, The Ferries of Sydney, paperback, illus., 1969, 56pps, $18

Andrews, Graeme & John Lovell (eds), Sydney Cove Waterfront Museum Bulletin, December 1975, paperback, illus., 26pps, $10

Alpen, John, From Millions to Sydney: History of the Sydney Club, 1988, 158pps, hardback, illus., $20

Ancher, Edward A., Mosman’s Bay: romance of an old whaling station: the story of the pioneers of Mosman and Cremorne, 1976, paperback, illus., 52pps, $12

Baverstock, Felicity, Peter Eastway & Philip Ramsden, Ferry to Mosman, hardback, illus., 1989, 110pps, $28

Beck, Deborah, Hope in Hell: A History of Darlinghurst Gaol and the National Art School, 2010 reprint, 224pps, hardback, illus., $36

Bradfield, J.J.C., Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1932, paperback, illus., 14pps, $32

Braga, Stuart, St James’ Turramurra: A History of the Church and District, 1975, paperback, illus., 64pps, $14

Cameron, Rev. R.J. (R.J.C.), Parish of St James, Turramurra: Jubilee Celebrations 1899-1949, paperback, illus., 32pps, $18

Carroll, Jack, The Settlement and Growth of Mosman, 1963 reprint of 1953 edition, paperback, 20pps, $18

Charles, Michael, Pictorial Memories Old Parramatta, paperback, illus., 1995 reprint, 104pps, $22

Cole, Joyce, Parramatta River Notebook, 1983, hardback, illus., 64pps, $18

Collins, Diane, Sounds from the Stables: the story of the Sydney’s Conservatorium, 2001, hardback, illus., 288pps, $32

Convy, Paul, The Lebanese Quarter of Redfern: Time, Place and Extent, 2009, paperback, illus., 50pp, $20

Cook, C. & J. Coleman, We Remember Sydney: Collector’s Edition, 1984, paperback, illus., 56pps, $28

Cook, Kerrin, The Railway Came to Ku-Ring-Gai: a pictorial history etc., 1991, hardback, 480pp, $60

Council of City of Sydney,Sydney Town Hall, ex-library copy, 1989?, paperback, illus., 32pps, $15

Crossing, Grahame, W., A Centenary History of St David’s Uniting Church at Lindfield, 1900-2000, 2000, paperback, illus., 98pp, $22

Crow, Vincent, Haberfield: the development of its character, 1978, paperback, illus., 18pps, $14

Cumberland County Council, Hyde Park Barracks, 1965, paperback, illus., 54pp, $24

Cumberland County Council, Historic Buildings: Parramatta, 1961, paperback, illus., 40pp, $15

Curby, Pauline and Virginia Macleod, Under the Canopy: centenary history of Ku-ring-gai Council, 2006, dent on the cover, hardback, illus., 213pps, special price $22

Davis, Abe, A Day Before Yesterday: Good Old Sydney Town, 1978, paperback, ex-library, cover marked, 146pps, $8

Davies, Kerry, A Wife’s Heart: The Untold Story of Bertha and Henry Lawson, 2017, paperback, 250pps, $25

Diamond, Marion, The Seahorse and the Wanderer – Ben Boyd in Australia, 1988, hardback, illus., 266pp, $35

Doherty, Muriel & Lynette Russell (ed.), Life and Times of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, 1996, paperback, illus., signed by the editor, 352pps, $40

Doherty, Muriel & Lynette Russell (ed), Off the Record: the life and times of Muriel Doherty, an autobiography, 1996, paperback, illus, signed by editor, 122pps, $30

Dunlop, Eric, Harvest of the Years: the story of Burwood, 1974, illus., 194pp, $32

Dunn, Judith, Parramatta Cemeteries: Mays Hill, 1996, paperback, limited edition, 164pp, $32

Dow, Gwyneth M., Samuel Terry the Botany Bay Rothschild, 1974, hardback, illus., 278pp, $32

Edwards, Zeny, Architectural Gems of Warrawee, 2000, paperback, illus., 106pps including 10 foldout maps, $36

ESSO (Australia), The Royal Australian Navy’s Chapel on the Cliffs [Watson’s Bay, South Head], 1963, ex library copy, cover marked, paperback, illus., 12pps, $8

Evans, Phyllis, Presbyterian Ladies College, Pymble, hardback, many illus., first edition, 1956, 62pps, $35

Fischer, G.L., The University of Sydney 1850-1971: some history in pictures to mark the 125th year of its incorporation, 1972, hardback, illus., 123pps, $30

Fitzgerald, Shirley, Sydney 1842-1992: sesquicentenary of Sydney City Council, 1992, hardback, illus., 324pps, $40

Fitzsimmons, Portia, Eastern Suburbs Album: pictorial memories, Darling Point, Vaucluse, Waverley, Bondi etc., 1988 2nd edition, paperback, illus., 104pps, $24

Fowles, Joseph (intro by Morton Herman), Sydney in 1848, facsimile of the original text … engravings, 1973 reprint, paperback, illus., 170pp, $26

George, Vance, Fairfield: a history of the district, 2nd edition 1991, hardback, 358pp, $36

Godden, Judith, Crown Street Women’s Hospital: a history 1893-1983, paperback, illus., 2016, 400pps, $32

Gould, Sue, Coasters Retreat Pittwater: recollections and historical notes, 1993, paperback, signed & numbered, 500 copies, 130pp, $36

Gregory’s 100 Miles Around Sydney, paperback, maps, 23rd edition 1962, 116pp, $14

Gunter, John, Sydney by Ferry and Foot, 1986 reprint, paperback, illus., 160pps, $15

Halliday & Brampton, Queen Street and District: History and Guide to Woollahra’s Famous ‘Village High Street’, 1987, paperback, illus., 120pp., $14

Harrigan, Margaret (ed), Discovering the City of Ryde: Things to see and do in and close to the City of Ryde, 1993, paperback, illus., 42pps, $6

Historic Houses Trust, Elizabeth Bay House, 1984, paperback, illus., 24pp, $10

Historic Houses Trust, Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta: A History and a Guide, 1995 revised edition, paperback, illus., 80pp, $12

Horan, Ronald S., Fort Street: the school, a history, 1989, hardback, illus., 360pps, $32

Horne, Julia & Geoffrey Sherington, Sydney: the making of a public university, 2012, hardback, illus., 366pps, $30

Hornsby Centenary Committee, Hornsby Public School Centenary 1883-1983, 1983, paperback, illus., 96pps, $25

Hornsby Shire Historical Society, Pioneers of Hornsby Shire 1788-1906, first edition 1979, hardback, illus., 290pp, $28

Hosie, John, St Patrick’s 150 Years: The Sesquicentenary of ‘everyone’s second church’, St Patricks Church Hill, Sydney 1844-1994, 1994, paperback, illus., 25pps, $22

Hunters Hill Trust, Heritage of Hunter’s Hill, 1982 3rd edition, paperback, illus., 152pp, $22

James, Alfred, Summer Saturdays: a History of the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai and Hills District Cricket Association, 1926-2000, 2001, paperback, illus., 212pps, $32

Keating, Christopher, Surry Hills: The City’s Backyard, hardback, illus., 1991, 120pps, $33

Kelly, Max (ed.), Nineteenth-Century Sydney: essays in urban history, paperback, illus., 1978, 144pps, $28

Kelly, Max, Paddock Full of Houses: Paddington 1840-1890, paperback, illus., 1978, 214pps, $32

Kennedy, Brian and Barbara, Sydney and Suburbs: a history and description, 1982, hardback, illus., 164pps, $30

Kerr, Colin & Margaret, Port Jackson: today and yesterday, 1980 1st edition, hardback, illus., 64pps, $22

Kerr, James Semple, Goat Island: An Analysis of Documentary and Physical Evidence and an Assessment of Significance, 1985, paperback, illus., 62pps, $15

Kogarah Historical Society, Carss’ Cottage: Opening of Historical Museum at Carss Park, 28 August 1971, paperback, illus., 46pps, $20

Langford, John & Frank Doyle & June Moore, A Randwick Ramble, Fourth Edition, Part 1: Coogee & Clovelly, 1982, paperback, illus., 18pps, $8

Larcombe, F.A., Change and Challenge: History of the Municipality of Canterbury NSW, 1979, hardback, 412pp, $22

Larcombe, F.A., History of Botany 1788-1970, revised edition 1970, hardback, 272pp, $22

Lawrence, Joan, Pictorial History: Lavender Bay to the Spit, 1999, paperback, illus., 126pps, $24

Lawrence, Joan, Randwick: A Pictorial History, 2001, paperback, illus., 128pps, $24

Leonard, Muriel (née Dudley), Recollections of Long Bay, 1987, paperback, illus., 14pps, $10

Liston, Carol, Liverpool and District: Pictorial History, 2009, paperback, illus., 144pps, $24

Leslie, Esther, The Development of Castle Cove and Middle Cove, 1988, paperback, illus., 136pps, $22

Lind, L.J. (ed), Lane Cove Public School Centenary Book 1876-1976, 1976, paperback, illus., cover stained, 120pps, $18

Lind, L.J., Historic Lane Cove, 1983 3rd and revised edition, paperback, illus., 48pps, $18

Lloyd, Susan (comp.), The Queens Club: Celebrating 100 Years, 1912-2012, 2012, hardback, illus., 272pps, $36

Lyons, Jill, Pioneers at Peace: story of St John’s Cemetery, Gordon, 1994, paperback, illus. and fold out plan, 80pps, $22

Main Roads, Journal of the Department of Main Roads NSW, March 1982, paperback, illus., 31pps, $8

Martin, Megan, Ryde: A Pictorial History, 1998, paperback, illus., 128pps, $24

May, A.L., Sydney Rows: a Centennial history of the Sydney Rowing Club, 1970, hardback, illus., 222pp, $32

McKillop, Bob, Willoughby – Artarmon – Castle Cove – Castlecrag – Chatswood – Middle Cove – Naremburn – Northbridge and St Leonards : Pictorial History, 2015, paperback, illus., 144pps, $24

McLaren, Don, Tales of Old Mosman, 1978 revised edition, paperback, illus., 104pps, $15

McFarland & Fiona Payget, Canterbury Primary School Centenary 1879-1978, 1978, paperback, illus., 18pps, $18

McMahon, John F., Kensington: A Model Suburb, Historical Monograph No. 2, Randwick & District Historical Society, 1986, paperback, illus., 32pps, $12

Metzki, Mari, Hornsby Shire: Pictorial History, 2004, paperback, illus., 144pps, $24

Murrant, Jim, Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron 1862-2000, 2000, hardback, illus., canvas binding, 196pps, $38

Norman, Lilith, The Brown and Yellow: Sydney Girls’ High School 1883-1983, a history, 1983, hardback, illus., 288pps, $36

O’Farrell, Patrick, St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, 1821-1971, 1971, hardback, illus., 262pps, $45

Oliff, Lorna, There Must be a River, (a Hornsby History), 1973, signed by author, paperback, illus., 176pps, $25

Oppen, Alice (ed), Old Buildings of Hunter’s Hill, 1977 revised edition, paperback, illus., 96pps, $24

Park, Margaret (comp.), Doors Were Always Open: recollections of Pyrmont and Ultimo, 1997, paperback, illus., 120pps, $30

Park, Ruth & Rafe Champion, Ruth Park’s Sydney, paperback, illus., 1999 revised edition, 268pps, $30

Parramatta City Council, This is Parramatta: Pioneer City of a Nation, 1969, paperback, illus., 80pps, $14

Parramatta and District Historical Society; Journal and Proceedings, Vol 1; 1918, reprint of 2005, paperback, 114pp, $22

Parramatta and District Historical Society; Journal and Proceedings, Vol 2; 1921, reprint of 2006, paperback, 102pp, $22

Parramatta and District Historical Society; Journal and Proceedings, Vol 3; 1926, reprint of 2004, paperback, 150pp, $26

Parramatta and District Historical Society Journal, Vol 7, 2004, 156pps, paperback, illus., $24

Proudfoot, Helen, Exploring Sydney’s West, 1987 1st edition, paperback, illus., 160pps, $25

Proudfoot, Helen, Guide to Historic Sydney, c.1973, paperback, illus., 30pps, $8

Provis, J. Selkirk & K.A. Johnson, Cadman’s Cottage: the life and times of John Cadman in Colonial Sydney 1798-1848, 1972, limited edition, hardback, illus., 146pp, $32

Pye, Rosemary, Blytheswood: History of Warrawee Public School 1906-1981, 1981, paperback. Illus. 100pp, $24

Salsbury & Sweeney, The Bull, the Bear and the Kangaroo: History of Sydney Stock Exchange, 1988, hardback, illus., ex-library copy, dusk jacked stained, 524pps, $30

Scott, Geoffrey, Sydney’s Highways of History, 1958, hardback, illus., 272pps, $28

Sharpe, Alan, City of Sydney: Pictorial History, 2013 new edition, paperback, illus., 142pps, $24

Sharpe, Alan, Manly to Palm Beach: pictorial memories, 1993, paperback, illus., 144pps, $24

Sharpe, Alan, Newtown – Alexandria – Camperdown – Darlington – Erskineville – Macdonaldtown – St Peters and Waterloo : A Pictorial History, 1999, paperback, illus., 128pps, $24

Shaw, Alan B., Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour, paperback, illus., n.d., 24pps, $8

Sheahan, Patricia, The Walkers of Uralla, 2000, paperback, illus., signed by author, no 954 or 1000, 244pps, $36

Shore Old Boys Union Inc., Sydney Church of England Grammar School Centenary Register 1889-1989, [North Sydney], 1990, hardback, illus., 1058pps, $35

Stuart, Geoff, Secrets in Stone: discover the history of Sydney, hardback, quality illus., 1993, 284pps, $45

Sisley, C.J., St Peter’s, Watson’s Bay 1864-1964, paperback, illus., 1977 reprint of 1964 edition, 40pps, $15

Skinner, Jillian, A Plain Brick Building: Neutral Bay Public School, 1986, paperback, illus., 106pp, $20

Souter, Gavin, Times & Tides: A middle harbour memoir, 2004, hardback, illus., 288pps, $28

Spearritt, Peter, Sydney’s Century: a history [20th century], 2000, paperback, illus., 332pps, $35

Stanbury & Holland, Mr Macleay’s Celebrated Cabinet: History of the Macleays and their Museum, 1988, paperback, illus., 172pps, $25

Storey, Barbara (ed), History of North Sydney Girls High School 1912-1977, 1983, paperback, illus., 128pp, $36

Swancott, Charles, Dee Why to Barrenjoey and Pittwater, 2001, paperback, illus., 136pp, $18

The Story of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Department of Main Roads NSW, paperback, illus., March 1982, 30pp, $20

Sydney Ferries Ltd., Sydney Harbour: Showboat Souvenir and Harbour Guide, n.d., (1940s), paperback, photographs, 22pps, $25

Thomas, David & Mark McAndrew, Born in the Hour of Victory: Cranbrook School 1918-1993 [Sydney], 234pps, $36

Thompson, Patricia, The Story of Paddington, 1980, paperback, illus., 24pps, $10

Thorne, Les G., North Shore, Sydney, 1788 to today [1968],1968  1st edition, hardback, illus., 204pps, $22

Vinter, Mary (Comp.), Naming North Sydney, 1985, paperback, 128pp, $12

Wagner, Claire, Biloela to Boambilly: the Islands of Sydney Harbour, 1971, hardback, illus., 56pp, $18

Wagner, Claire, Aspects of Sydney Harbour: Vaucluse and Watson’s Bay, 1964, paperback, illus., 16pps, $8

Wagner, Claire, North Sydney: townscape and foreshore, 1967, hardback, illus., 46pps, $28

Warne, Catherine, Pictorial memories: Lower North Shore, 1994 reprint, paperback, illus., 124, $24

Whitaker, Anne-Maree, Shaping a City: 150 years of Parramatta City Council, 2012, paperback, illus., 104pps, $28

Whitaker, Anne-Maree, South Sydney: pictorial history, 2002, paperback, illus., 140pps, $24

Wotton, Rev R.A.W. et al, History of St John the Evangelist, Gordon 1872-1972, 1972, paperback, illus., 48pps, $16

Wyatt, Margaret, West Lindfield & West Killara, 1986, paperback, illus., 28pps, $8


Baxter, Carol (ed), Musters & Lists NSW & Norfolk Island 1800-1802, 1988, 236pp, $40

Baxter, Carol (ed), Musters of NSW & Norfolk Island 1805-1806, 1989, 295pp, $48

Baxter, Carol (ed), General Muster and Land and Stock Muster of New South Wales, 1822, 1988, out of print, 208pp, $75

Baxter, Carol (ed), General Muster List of New South Wales, 1822, 1824, 1825; 1999, 864pp, $75

Bowd, Douglas G., Hawkesbury Journey: up the Windsor Road from Baulkham Hills, hardback, illus., 1986, 258pps, $36

Bowd, D.G., Macquarie County: a history of the Hawkesbury, revised edition 1973, hardback, illus., 252pps, $36

Bowd, D.G., Macquarie Country: A history of the Hawkesbury, 1982 revised edition, hardback, illus., 252pps, $35

Briggs, Adel, Cast in Iron: New South Wales Letter Receivers, 2013, paperback, illus., 242pps, $25

Brown, Stan, Centenary of St Mark’s Laguna: Diocese of Newcastle, 1884-1984, (near Wollombi, Hunter region), 1984, paperback, illus., 22pps, $14

Carnegie, Margaret, Friday Mount: first settlement at Holbrook and the South-western slopes of NSW, 1973, hardback, illus., 282pp, $40

Christ Church Cathedral (Newcastle NSW), paperback, illus., 1983, 22pp, $8

Clancy, Eric, G., Methodism in the Lilac City: The Story of the Methodist Church in Goulburn, paperback, illus., 1958, 120pps, $24

Clark, Alan (ed.), 500 names and Places of Shoalhaven, 1994 2nd edition, paperback, 54pps, $14

Clouten, Keith, Reid’s Mistake: the story of Lake Macquarie and its discovery until 1890, 1967 1st edition, hardback, illus., 304pps, $40

Cole, Pamela, Cottonwool Sandwiches: Tales of a country childhood [the north-west slopes and plains of NSW] 1997, paperback, illus., 120pps, $24

Crago, Tony, Historical Towns and Buildings of NSW: Central Western region, 1977, hardback, coloured illus., 40pp, $22

Crago, Tony, Gold Australia, 2003, paperback, illus., 32pp, $12

Curby, Pauline, Battlers’ Boomtown: Coraki in the early 1890s, 1992, paperback, illus., 120pps, $24

Currey, C.H., Mount Wilson New South Wales: its location, settlement and development, hardback, illus., 1968, 110pps, $32

Dundon, Gwen, More Old Gosford and District in Pictures, 1978, paperback, illus., 104pps, $28

Emery, Linda, Exploring Exeter, paperback, illus., 1998, 60pps, $18

Fredman, Lionel (ed), A New History of Maitland, 1983, hardback, illus., 80pps, $28

Gerritsen, John, Tibooburra: Corner Country, paperback, illus., 1980, slight staining on last pages, 162pps, $24

Giles, Ian (ed.), The Winds of Change: history of Robertson A&H Society and Agriculture of its District, 1979, paperback, illus., 136pps, $18

Glover, H.M. (Noni), A Town Called Ivanhoe: A History, 1989, paperback, illus., 96pp, $24

Goulburn District Directory 1882-83, 1977 facsimile reprint of 1882 first edition, no.277 of 300 copies, hardback, very rare, 72pps, $60

Hawkesbury District Agricultural Association, The Hawkesbury on Show, 1986, paperback, illus., 83pps, $15

Hodge, Harry, The Hill End Story, Book 3: Memories and vignettes, 1972, hardback, illus., 212pps, $32

Holmes, Kate, Windsor Barracks: the guardhouse, 1979, paperback, illus., 62pps, $20

Hungerford, Meredyth E. & J. Kay Donald, Exploring the Blue Mountains, paperback, illus., 1984 reprint with corrections, 192pps, $24

Hungerford, Meredyth, Bilpin, The Apple Country: a local history, including Mount Tomah, Mount Tootie and Mountain Lagoon, 1995, paperback, illus., 436pps, $48

Hungerford, Meredyth, Bilpin: The Apple country – a local history, including Mount Tomah, Mount Tootie and Mountain Lagoon, 1995, signed by the author, paperback, illus., 436pps, $48

Hughes, Joy N., Local Government … Local History: a guide to NSW local government books and rate books, paperback, 1990, 128pps, $22

Hughes, Joy & Meredith Walker, Meroogal, Nowra: a history and guide, 1988, paperback, illus., 80pps, $22

Jeans & Spearritt, The Open Air Museum: the cultural landscape of NSW, 1980, hardback, illus., 164pp, $36

Jervis, James, A History of the Berrima District 1798-1973, 1973 revised edition limited 1000 copies, dust jacket repaired, hardback, illus., 220pps, $32

Kerr, Joan & James Broadbent, Gothic Taste: in the colony of NSW, 1980, hardback, ex-library copy, illus., 156pp, $42

Kerr, Joan & James Broadbent, Gothic Taste: in the colony of NSW, 1980, hardback, illus., 156pp, $52     

Kerr, Joan & Hugh Falkus, From Sydney Cove to Duntroon: a family album of early life in Australia, hardback, illus., 1982, 128pps, $36 [the Campbell family and connections]

Leary, Frank & Judith, Historic Buildings of NSW, 1973, hardback, illus., 310pp, $32

Linton, Rebecca, Crossing the Bar: A history of Harrington, gateway to the Manning Valley, 2004, hardback, illus., 256pps, $35

Low, John, Pictorial Memories of Blue Mountains, 1998 reprint, paperback, illus., 142pps, $22

Mabbutt, Elaine, Click Go the Years: with photographs from Berry, 1875-1925, c.1990, paperback, illus., 86pps, $ever22

Milliss, Roger, Waterloo Creek: the Australia Day massacre of 1838, George Gipps and the British conquest of New South Wales, hardback, illus., 1992, 988pps, $42

National Trust of Australia, Everglades, Leura NSW, paperback, illus., 24pps, $6

Nichols, Michelle, Hawkesbury: pictorial history, 2004, paperback, illus., 128pps, $24

Pittard, Brenda, The Making of Australia: self-government for the colonies, hardback, illus., 1983, 44pps, $18

Quartermaine, Peter, Gundagai Album: early photographs of an Australian country town, hardback, illus., 1976, 146pps, $36 [quality publication]

Rosen, Sue, Loosing Ground: an environmental history of the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment, 1995, paperback, illus., 200pps, $32

Ryan, Maurice (ed), Lismore: The story of a North Coast city, 1979, hardback, illus., 208pps, $32

Sayers & Darbyshire, Old Gold Towns of NSW; 1971, hardback, illus., c.40pp, $20

Shaw, Mary, Historical Megalong Valley, 2008 2nd edition, paperback, illus., 138pps, $20

Stanbury, Peter & Lydia Bushell (ed), The Blue Mountains: Grand adventure for all, 1985, paperback, illus., 152pps, $22

Stanley, Howard, History of the Establishment and Administration of Brisbane Water National Park, 1984, paperback, illus., 32pps, $18

Steel, Watson & James Antill, History of All Saints College, Bathurst, 1875-1951, revised edition of 1952, hardback, illus., 270pp, $28

Stegemann, William C., An Ornament to the City: a history of the cathedral church of St Saviour, Goulburn, 1874-1988, 1989, paperback, illus., 168pps, $28

Stevens, Stan, Hawkesbury Heritage, hardback, quality illus., 1984, 120pps, $36

Stickley, Christine, The Old Charm of Penrith, 2nd edition 1984, hardback, ex-library copy, 98pp, $20

Stokes, Edward, United we Stand: impressions of Broken Hill 1908-1910 – recollections and photographs, 1983, hardback, illus., 446pps, $32

Swancott, Charles, Blue Gum Flat to Budgewoi: Story of Wyong Shire, 1963, signed by author, hardback, illus., 284pps, $32

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Nairn, Bede, Geoffrey Serle & John Ritchie (eds), Vols 7-12: 1891-1939]

All in original dust jackets, plus 156pp index to Vols 1 & 2 by Malcolm Sainty & Michael Flynn

$400 for all 12 volumes, plus the index. Total number of Biographies 7,211.

Australian Dictionary of Biography: Pike, Douglas and Nairn, Bede (eds), Australian Dictionary of Biography, Vols 3-6: 1851-1890. All in modern dust jackets. Total of number of Biographies, 3169. Total pages 3,262. Plus Corrigendas. Also, Sainty, Malcolm & Michael Flynn, Index to Vols 1 & 2, 156pps $220 for all 7 books

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